Saturday, June 8, 2013

is it that obvious [my obsession with mustaches]?

It's so awesome to like something.  It's fun when you like something that makes your day, for me that is mustaches!  Why do I love them?  Well because they are the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!  Men are the only ones who can grow a 'stache and they can shape them and make them look funky and that makes me jealous LOL!!!  I don't know the names of the different mustaches but they are all mostly cool, fun and so wild! 
Just got this awesome gift from Cynthia in the mail! Cool necklace, key ring and ring!!!

Then this showed up from Andee!  Hahahaa...I can use all of these things too!!!  Such an awesome party set!!
Here are some mustache photos for your enjoyment!
This is actually a necklace I have and I wear it with my bathing suit in the summer!

Me being crazy mustache lady!

oh hello muchaho!

We used mustaches in our engagement photos!

my cool wedding gift from an awesome co-worker!
us at dinner, I just had to mustache-afy myself!
hello sexy 'stache!
I got all mustached out to meet Reza from Shahs of Sunset at The Parlor for Shahs Comedy Tour!
necklace, bracelet, rings, nail decals and a stick on 'stache in my pocket for later when I meet Reza!

I met him!!!!!  And I had a 'stache on!!!!  He loved my mustaches!!!!
So my co-workers like I said before, were really into the mustache thing with me!  This is Sonya she went to see The Shahs Comedy Tour too, we bought similar shirts that night!
My hubby got in the photo with us girls posing with the props!
By far my favorite wedding photos...mustache love!!!!! 
I love mustaches, they are SO much fun and now they're on everything, even cars!  I just wish my husband would let me buy this sticker and put it on our car, we'd be THE coolest people ever if he'd just be cool with it!
What's your awesome thing you like?

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