Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jay & Bey & I

My bae took me for our anniversary to the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert - I was so happy about it too! It was a hot summers night in Seattle at Safeco Stadium which made it even more perfect of a night to go dance and sing along with my favorite couple - who I hope dont break up amongst the rumors!

Here are some photos of the fun evening we had, not a whole lot but you get the point right!

Now I have the concert bug and I want to go to more concerts. Next up, Katy Perry at the Tacoma Dome in September!

If you can't stand the heat then turn on the a/c

Our trip to the Midwest went awesome! We flew into DFW (Dallas Fort-Worth) and spent a few days in Dallas with my best friend from childhood and her kids seeing the town, eating a lot more food than we should have, shopped, ate more again and saw so many cool places that me and the hubby wanted to check out.

I’ve been to Texas a few times to see my bff and now she has two beautiful kids who are so adorable.

Check out my Flickr album here of my trip.

What was the weather like? Hot and humid in Dallas, but the pool was amazing and felt great when it was unbearable! I love Texas and would move there in a heartbeat, too bad my poor hubby can’t deal with the heat but that’s what fans, pool and air conditioning are for, right?!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Show Pony

It's been a long time - a long while since I have written and also ran. Do they correlate, I don't know, haha but they sure do hit each other in the same path.

So I've been told no running for the last seven weeks and its been nothing short of shitty. I miss running and getting stronger but I had a certain weird injury that stopped me from running so that I can heal.

All I can think of is oh gawd I have my first ever half marathon on October 26 - I need to have run, like yesterday.

Me freaking out ....

So ... on Wednesday I hear I find out if I'm cleared to run - lets all pray its a yay not a nay!
Thanks for reading ... I need to write more and show my talent ... I really do. No really, I have talent.
Also I don't know why I titled this post "Show Pony," I couldn't think of anything else. Random? Yes!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The little runner me has just burst outta her shell!

This morning I signed up for my very FIRST half marathon! I'm both excited & nervous for a few reasons but to name a few for you here they are, in a totally random order:

1. I've always admired runners and have wanted to run for hours on end, sorta like Forest Gump, and I promised myself that one day I'd be running for hours on end!

2. I like running because it gets my brain running like a hamster on its wheel. Once I get going, the world's problems always get solved in my head!

3. Although I've always wanted to run, I'm terrified because I don't know if I truly can run-walk-run 13.1 miles ... I really need tons of music on my iphone to keep me in the zone!

4. I don't know what a cool runner is or looks like, so I'm hoping that I'll figure this out soon. *side note: does this involve having cool running clothes?*

5. I hope to learn the "runner language" ya know what I mean? "on your left" AKA get outta my way before I shove you to the ground. Right? No? You mean runners are nice? WHAT?

6. I get to learn what a runners high really is. What is it? Am I like lifted up to the sky or something?

7. I finally get to join the cool kids club! I get to brag to everyone I know about how I ran a half-marathon ...with my eyes shut, running backwards, dancing the Macarena, while wearing a tutu. HECK YEAH!

8. Do I get to put one of those 13.1 stickers on my car now?

9. I can't wait to get stronger after this. I mean seriously folks this is a HUGE challenge for me to even consider, so here goes me breaking down all those Princess Yekta walls. Le Sigh....

10. My Physical Therapist will get to know me on a love-and-hate relationship since I'll need her to help me prep for the many injuries my willy knees and obscured back will endure. Like my hubby teaches me mindfulness, I'll invite the pain but kick it's ass out the door!

11. Oh yeah, last but not least my new personal trainer Karl is gonna kill me getting my core & gluteus strong. I'm gonna come out of this whole challenge a machine ready to rip the pavement with every step!!

So here goes me, training for the Rock & Roll half-marathon that will happen in six months in Los Angeles! October 26, 2014 here I come!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cake Pop fun!

So one of my closest friends Mine (pronounced Meen-ay) is pregnant and I threw her baby shower a few weeks ago, and the first thing I wanted to make were cake pops! I asked Wendy who writes great blogs and makes tasty recipes how to make cake pops and she sent me a great link that I've provided for you below.

We made the blue box out of Styrofoam wrapped in blue tissue paper and ribbon glued on. These held the cake pops in and kept them sturdy.
This recipe is awesome and really easy! It took me no longer than an hour to make about 20! Here is her recipe, scroll down to her "Sunday" blog post and see her step-by-step guide. I used the entire Oreo cookie package and added a tad bit of cinnamon to the mix. It's important to buy Styrofoam to use when you dip your cake pops in the coating mix because they dry super fast and if you put them on a plate they will stick to the plate and then you're screwed because they will break in half!
Mine decided to make Marshmallow pops too. Buy jumbo marshmallows, no refrigeration needed, just make them when your Oreos are ready. Use the melted coating and dip your stick into the mix and into the marshmallow (at this point it should bond with the marshmallow) and then dip halfway through your coating mix again and stick them in the Styrofoam to cool.  At this point you can decorate the tops or leave them as is.

There are tons of recipes on Pinterest especially for decorating your cake pops. To make the cake pop isn't as difficult as it seems so try it and see for yourself! They are such a great treat to make for parties of all kinds or just to make to bring into the office and share with your buddies!

I made these this past weekend for a get together but I didn't have any Styrofoam and they came out with flat tops and the rest stuck to the plate and I had to throw them out because they dry onto the plate super fast. I found a great idea on Pinterest for decorating them but I didn't have any Styrofoam so they shifted around a lot and came out ugly - but tasted good so I heard!

If you have any recipes please share!

I made kotlet!

I made Kotlet! Yup, yup, yup! I made my very first Persian food dish and they came out SO good (after 6 tries)!
My Persian Kitchen has a great how to and great step-by-step pictures to see how she makes her kotlets.

I made my kotlets the healthier version, I did not fry them, I baked them, I used walnut cooking spray (vegetable oil isn't the best oil to use)

You're going to need a food processor, although I used my blender because I've got an awesome 5 sharp blade system thing where it can be used as a food processor. A great chefs knife to cut your onions & garlic, and a food mat/board to use, and hand gloves for food handling (I don't like touching meat or food when I cook).

The ingredients I used were:

Ian's Gluten-Free bread crumbs which were bought from Whole Foods. I suggest these because they're the healthiest on the shelf. There's absolutely nothing in them that could flare up my food allergies or anyone else's for that matter!

one pound ground buffalo, again I bought this from Whole Foods mostly because I only trust meat that comes from Whole Foods for so many reasons. If you're interested as me why and I'll explain. Also buffalo is the most leanest meat, and I recently read that it is leaner than chicken!

1 egg white, from an egg, because it tastes better than egg whites in a carton - DO NOT USE THE ENTIRE EGG. I am not a fan of egg yolks EVER and will never use them for several reasons, but I d eat egg whites because they taste better than the carton egg whites.

2 tablespoons of lemon juice, again from a fresh lemon

1 onion chopped as much as possible

1 entire garlic bulb, we love garlic in our home so we love the overly abundant "garlic" flavor in food. So this is really up to you, if you're not a garlic fan don't include it or put as many as you want in the food processor

Paprika, seas salt, pepper or you can use Mrs. Dash, the product line is salt & msg free

*also as a side note, if you don't have onion or garlic you can easily use onion and garlic powders, they'll do the job too, but the real whole vegetable is better!


So the first thing I did was blend/food process all the ingredients; I don't like to add salt to my food with all the spices I used so I didn't use any but again this is all up to you, including how much spices you put in the blender. I did about 5-6 dashes of paprika and a small dash of pepper. I turn on the blender and wait and wait until I feel like it looks like "mush"!

I used a plate for the breading and made my kotlets in my hands then rubbed them in the breading and put them down on the sprayed ones.

I turned the oven on earlier so it was heated up but I left it on 350, and put all three of my kotlet dishes in the oven for 20 minutes and then flipped them all and then put them in for another 20 minutes and then took them out to cool down. They were SO tasty, crunchy & garlicy ... YUM!
Let me know if you have any questions and let me know how yours turn out! Like I said it took me 6 tries to make them good, and I enjoyed the process!
These will go great with Persian pickles (yes they exist), tomatoes, cucumber and maybe some hummus and quinoa! A great lunch/dinner dish!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easy to make meals are the best!

Tonight I made pizza!  I learned really quick that even though you have premade dough in a package you still need some oil or even wax paper so the dough wont stick when it gets a bit burned.
I used a premade package found at Whole Foods, Monte Bene pasta sauce (it can be used as pizza sauce!), Daiya mozzarella cheese (I don't do dairy and this is a nondairy cheese), packaged veggies at Whole Foods and in the over on 425 for 30 minutes.

So I left the dough out for a good 20 minutes pre-bake and then dressed it with the sauce, veggies, garlic powder, a dash of paprika, and ended with Daiya, in for 20-25-30 minutes, you can see the dough and judge for yourself.  Although I forgot an "after" picture, be assured it was amazing!